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URPP Language and Space

Visiting the Humanities Lab at Lund University, Sweden

A delegation of the URPP Language and Space visited the Humanities Lab at Lund University. Victoria Johansson, vice director of the lab, and Maja Petersson, administrative coordinator, lead a demonstration tour through all the lab facilities and organized meetings between the Language and Space Lab members and the Humanities Lab team. The lab structure at Lund University is exceptional and the first hand information gained will help to design and further develop the local Linguistic Research Infrastructure(LiRI).

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Vicotoria Articulatograph

Victoria Johansson explaining the Articulatograph at Humanities Lab, Lund

Zurich delegation

The Zurich delegation

f.r.t.l: Volker Dellwo, Wolfgang Kesselheim, Peter Ranacher, Tanja Samardzic