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URPP Language and Space

Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI) project entered Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2021-2024

The project "Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI)", lead by Elisabeth Stark, entered, at the end of a three level evaluation process by the institutions UZH, swissuniversities, SNSF (Link zur Ausschreibung) and SERI the Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). The roadmap report will be published by the SERI  (Link to SERI website).

The center with lab structure for linguistic and language-related research will provide devices and resources  for the professional management and processing and analysis of big data.

Members of the LiRI project team during the preparation and design phase (2017-2019) are the following members of the URPP Language and Space and the Zurich Center for Linguistics: Elisabeth Stark, Sabine Stoll, Martin Volk, Volker Dellwo, Martin Meyer, Wolfgang Kesselheim, Tanja Samardzic and Agnes Kolmer.

First job advertisement

The LiRI center not only provides devices, but there are also hired researchers and professionals who support researchers. With beginning of February 2019 there is available the position Application Integration Engineer (100 %).

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LiRI Projektteam

LiRI Project team

f.r.t.l.: Elisabeth Stark, Martin Volk, Volker Dellwo, Sabine Stoll, Wolfgang Kesselheim, Tanja Samardzic (not present: Martin Meyer, Agnes Kolmer)

Linguistic Research Infrastructure

Linguistic Research Infrastructure

Preparation phase 2019, development phase 2020-2021, project leadership: Elisabeth Stark, co-leader of the URPP Language and Space and deputy director of the  Zurich Center for Linguistics(ZüKL)