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Two KLIP applications approved

Two applications for small linguistic projects (KLIP), by Elvira Glaser and Tanja Samardžic and by Hanna Ruch and Anne Göhring, have been approved by the Zurich Center for Linguistics ( ZüKL).

Elvira Glaser und Tanja Samardžic's proposal "Neutralising orthographic variation in the ZECO project" deals with the online portal for ZECO (Zurich Electronic Corpus of Language Varieties), which in its search function doesn't recognize different graphic variants of the same word, a feature that is essential for Swiss texts. The proposed solution is assigning a normalised form to every ortographic variant in the corpus. The normalised remains hidden to the user and only serves as a reference for the system. With the new approach, different orthographic variants are recognized as belonging to the same word, the queries using the graphic variants are successful and the results are shown to the user in the original spelling.

Hanna Ruch and Anne Göhring's project "Alignment of Swiss German dialect recordings with existing transcriptions" deals with time alignment in transcriptions. Time alignment of speech recordings and transcriptions facilitates linguistic research in many ways. The Munich Automatic Segmentation System (MAuS) is a tool that automatically aligns transcriptions and audio recordings. However, so far MAuS has been tailored to process short recordings with few speakers whose voices do not overlap. The aim of the present project is to enhance MAuS in such a way that longer recordings taken in a natural setting can be handled, as well.

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KLIP funding at ZüKL

The Zurich Center for Linguistics (ZüKL) regularly promotes small linguistic projects.