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URPP Language and Space

About Us

The URPP Language and Space is dedicated to research on the fundamental connection of language and space on the basis of three points of intersection represented through the research topics Language in Space (Linguistic Areas), Space through Language (Interactional Spaces, Accommodation and Social Categorization), and Space in Language (Spatial References, i.e. how people talk about space and what this may tell us about their spatial conceptualizations). The establishment of Linguistic Areas (language and dialect regions) is based on the variety of linguistic features that enable a spatial distribution of speakers according to their modes of speech (dialects) and, thus, identification and distinction. Interactional Spaces are created in a complex and spatially creative interplay of language, perception, movement and action. The URPP Language and Space approaches the relationships between language and space with cutting-edge technology, combining insights from dialectology with language typology, interactional linguistics, and GIScience. Individual projects are currently being carried out by five research groups. A Language and Space Lab with the three groups SDS (Spatial Data Science), Text and Video was established as central infrastructure and support unit of the research program. In addition, numerous doctoral positions, several postdoctoral positions, and one assistant professorship position were created and concrete sub-projects were initiated.