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URPP Language and Space

Naomi Baron and Lonneke van der Plas will be guests of the URPP Language and Space in 2019 with DSI fellowships

The Digital Society Initiative will fund the fellowships of Naomi Baron, professor at American University, Washington, and of Lonneke van der Plas, Senior Lecturer at the University of Malta, in the course of 2019. Lonneke van der Plas will collaborate with the Text Group of the Language and Space Lab. Naomi Baron's fellowship is connected with the SNSF-funded research project "What's up, Switzerland?" and the research group "Interactional Spaces" of the URPP Language and Space.

Link to the program with Naomi Baron: Link

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Naomi Baron

Prof. Naomi Baron

Lonneke van der Plas

Dr. Lonneke van der Plas