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URPP Language and Space

Presentation by Curdin Derungs and Ross Purves at GIScience 2014 Conference

Curdin Derungs, Head of GISLab, und Ross Purves, member of both research groups at the URPP Language and Space, are giving a talk at the GISCience 2014 conference in September, Vienna, on "Where's near? Using n-grams to explore spatial relations".

GIScience 2014

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GISLab URPP Language and Space

Major research questions of the GISLab are “How can linguistic features, such as diversity, be explained through geographic characteristics?” and “How can geographic information in language be extracted and used to contribute to geographic research questions?” From a methodological perspective, the GISLab is a laboratory for quantitative methods and is mainly concerned with cartographic processing and geostatistical analysis and modelling of linguistic data by the means of geographic information systems (GIScience).