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URPP Language and Space

Movetia finances project in the Language and Space Lab

Language and Space Lab has been approved a new project "Revisiting research training in linguistics: theory, logic, method" (Nr 2018-CH-IP-0012) by Movetia, Exchange and mobility. The training program funded by this grant starts in September 2018, with University of Zurich (Tanja Samardzic) as the main coordinator and partner institutions University of Belgrade (Maja Milicevic Petrovic) and University of Geneva (Genoveva Puskas). The aim of the program is to enhance scientific training of BA and MA students in linguistics and  language-related subjects. The students selected for the programme will be trained in general scientific methodology in three phases, under a close supervision of the project partners. In the first, preparatory phase, the students from all three institutions will complete the same online course covering the fundamental notions in linguistic theory, general logic and empirical methodology. After this preparation phase, the students will conduct individual research projects during a two-week summer school at the Petnica Science Centre, Serbia. In the third phase, they will write a research report on the conducted projects.


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