Scientific Staff
Manuel Bär, MSc Doctoral student
Carlota de Benito, Prof. Dr. Assistant Professor of Language and Space in Ibero-Romance
Christina Brandenberger, MA Doctoral student SNSF (Video Group)
Claudia Cathomas, Dr. Postdoc
Nour Efrat-Kowalsky, MA Doctoral student
Kristina Eiviler, MA Doctoral student (Video Group)
Ximena Gutierrez, Dr.

Postdoc, Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship (Text Group)

Kenan Hochuli, MA Doctoral student (Video Group)
Christoph Hottiger, MA Doctoral student SNSF (Video Group)
Iris Hübscher, Dr. Postdoc
Omnia Ibrahim, MA Doctoral student
Klaus Wolfgang Kesselheim, PD Dr. Head of Video Group
Nico Neureiter, MA Doctoral student (SDS Group)
Michael Obrist Assistant (Video Group)
Tania Paciaroni, Dr. Postdoc
Elisa Pellegrino, Dr. Postdoc
Peter Ranacher, Dr. Head of SDS Group
Tatyana Ruzsics, MSc Doctoral student (Text Group)
Tanja Samardžić, Dr. Head of Text Group, Lab Director
Larissa Schmidt Assistant (Text Group)
Olga Sozinova, MA Doctoral student SNSF (Text Group)
Management and Administrative Staff
Agnes Kolmer, Dr. Research Management
Roman Benz, lic.phil. Webmaster
Roger Leemann, Dipl. Biol. IT, 2nd Level Server Support
Raffaela Zaugg, MA Administrative Assistant, HR

Staff for the implementation of LiRI

Stefan Vrankovic, BA System administrator
Gerold Schneider, PD Dr Computing scientist
Temporary employments
Jasmin Engelmann Assistant
Sebastian Hafner Assistant
Selma Hardegger Assistant
Tannon Kew Assistant (Text Group)
Alina Mächler Assistant SNSF (Text Group)
Nora Muheim Assistant
André Müller Assistant
Jonathan Schaber Assistant