Prof. Dr. Carlota de Benito

Assistant Professor of Language and Space in Ibero-Romance

Romanisches Seminar
Plattenstrasse 28, Büro 304
CH - 8032 Zürich
+41 (0)44 634 35 62

Mailing address

Romanisches Seminar
Zürichbergstrasse 8
CH - 8032 Zürich

Office hours: Mo / We 14:30-15:30 (or just send me an e-mail to arrange a different time!)

Short Bio

Although the term sometimes sounds a bit outdated, I call myself a dialectologist, because my main interest as a linguist is on language variation and change. My research focusses on morphosyntactic variation and change in Spanish and other Ibero-Romance languages, including phenomena attested in social networks such as Twitter. Because I do empirical and quantitative research, I really care about corpora, fieldwork, data collection methods and statistics. I hold a PhD in Spanish Linguistics from the Autonomous University of Madrid, under the supervision of Inés Fernández-Ordóñez and Johannes Kabatek.