Former Staff Members

Kimberley Chin   Assistant GIS Group  
Maria Chistyakova   Assistant SNSF (VideoGroup)  
Curdin Derungs   Head of GIS Group

Senior Research Associate, Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture, Website

Karina Frick   Postdoc  
David Gerards   Doctoral student  
Tabea Ihsane   Postdoc  
Johanna Jud   Assistant  
Yshai Kalmanovitch   Assistant  
Vanessa Konrad   Assistant SNSF (Video Group)  
Alina Mächler   Assistant  
Maximiliano Nigg   Assistant  
Hanna Ruch   Postdoc  
Christoph Schönenberger   Assistant  
Florian Sommer   Doctoral student  
Noemi Aepli   Assistant (Text Group)  
Alexandra Bosshard   Assistant  
Ekaterina Egorova   Doctoral student (GIS Group)  
Halina Hug   Assistant SNSF (Video Group)  
Maaike Kellenberger   Assistant  
David Koch   Assistant Assistant, German Department, UZH Website
Charlotte Meisner   Postdoc Administration Visiting Professorship for italian literature and culture, ETH Website
Michael Obrist   Assistant SNSF (Video Group)  
Olga Rix   Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant, Department of Economics, UZH Website
Luca Scherrer   Assistant (GIS Group)  
Fatima Stadler   Assistant (Text Group) Linguistic Developer, Spitch Website
Noémie Szenogrady   Assistant SNSF (Video Group)  
Dejan Wäckerlin   Assistant  
Gerardo Adarve   Assistant project  
Sandra Auderset   Assistant project  
Dolores Batinic   Assistant (Text Group)  
Alys Griselda Boote Cooper   Assistant project  
Alexandra Bünzli   Academic associate,
technical administration ZüKL
Selena Calleri   Assistant  
Eleanor Coghill, Dr.   Postdoc Professor of Semitic Languages, University of Uppsala Website
Anita Diensthuber   Doctoral student  
Francesco Gardani, Dr.   Postdoc Postdoc researcher, Department of Comparative Linguistics, UZH Website
Carlos Kilian Hartmann   Assistant project  
Cazim Hysi   Assistant project  
Alice Idone   Doctoral student  
Anna Jancso   Assistant project  
Julia Luchsinger   Internship / assistant project  
Maaike Kellenberger   Assistant  
Milan Markovic   Assistant project  
Mirjam Marti Heinzle, Dr. des.   Postdoc administration German Department Website
Johann Müller   Assistant project  
Serap Öndüc   Doctoral student  
Elisa Papathanassiou   Internship / assistant project  
Sasa Petkovic   Assistant project  
Adriano Sabini   Assistant project Assistant, German Department, UZH Website
Mirjam Schmalz   Assistant project Assistant, English Department, UZH Website
Luca Schmid   Assistant project  
Philipp Stöckle, Dr.   Postdoc project Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH), Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW) Webseite
Karin Straub   Assistant project  
Eric Szabo   Assistant project  
Merlin Unterfinger   Assistant project  
Sabrina von Rotz   Assistant project  
Judith Wellig   Assistant project  
Rachel Weymuth   Assistant project  
Sophie Agnes Willimann   Assistant project  
Olivier Winistörfer   Assistant project  
Adriana Zanda   Assistant (GIS Group)  
Henning Beywl   Assistant (Text Group)  
Christof Bless   Internship (Text Group)  
Srdjan Dragojevic   Assistant project  
Marisa Fruci   Assistant workshop  
Lisa Gambetta   Assistant project  
Noemi Graf   Assistant administration  
Heath Gordon   Internship (Text Group)  
Julian Kissling   Assistant (GIS Group)  
Patrick Mächler   Assistant workshop SNSF-Scholar (Doc.CH), German Department, UZH Website
Maria Chiara Paravacini   Assistant workshop  
Diego Pescarini   Postdoc French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Nizza Webseite
Uliana Petrunina   Doctoral student (Text Group)  
Simon Stammers   Internship (Video Group)  
Phillip Ströbel   Assistant (Text Group)  
Manuel Berger   Assistant project  
Rebeka Eckstein-Kovacs   Assistant administration  
Simon Etter   Assistant (GIS Group) Doctoral student, Department of Geography, UZH Website
Hannah Lora Freeman   Assistant administration Hochschuldidaktik, UZH Webseite
Giorgio Iemmolo   Assistant workshop  
Melanie Linda Jost   Assistant VideoLab  
Ruprecht von Waldenfels   Postdoc project