Members of the URPP Language and Space

The University Research Priority Program (URPP) Language and Space currently encompasses five research groups within which senior and junior researchers are organized: "Accommodation and Social Categorization," "Areal Morphology," "Interactional Spaces," "Spatial References," and "Systems of Nominal Determination in Contact (SyNoDe)."  Furthermore, the URPP Language and Space hosts the Language & Space Lab consisting of three units: GIS, Corpus, and Video. Organizationally, the URPP Language and Space also includes an executive committee, an internal advisory board, a head office, and external advisors. Since the first funding period (2013-2016), the URPP has grown steadily. Currently in the second year of the second funding period (2017-2020), the URPP consists of 21 professors and more than 20 young scientists who are carrying out a wide range of projects focused on the intersection of language and space within their various research groups and laboratories.