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URPP Language and Space


Members of the URPP Language and Space, November 2018, Vitznau

The University Research Priority Program Language and Space encompasses currently the following units:

The three key research topics

  • Language in Space
    • Areal Morphology
    • Systems of Nominal Determination in Contact (SyNoDe)
  • Space through Language
    • Accommodation and Social Categorization
    • Interactional Spaces
  • Space in Language
    • Spatial References

The Language and Space Laboratory with the units

  • SDS / Spatial Data Science
  • Text
  • Video (until 2022)

Steering Committee

Scientific Advisory Board

External Advisory Board / Scientific panel


Since its start in 2013, the URPP has grown steadily. Currently in the third year of the second funding period (2017-2020), the URPP consists of 26 participating professors and more than 20 early career researchers who are carrying out a wide range of projects focused on the intersection of language and space within their focused research groups and in the Language and Space Lab.