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URPP Language and Space


Participation in the ZOSMIA 2020 is free of charge.
If you would like to participate, please fill out the registration form.
The registration deadline is midnight (CET), 26. October 2020.

Regardless of the online format of the ZOSMIA 2020, we would like for the school to be highly interactive. For such a format to work, the number of participants will be limited. In case we receive more applications than we can accept, we will select participants according to their interest in the online school (expressed in the form of a short letter of motivation, maximum 350 words) and the significance of multimodal interaction analysis for their research (expressed in the form of a brief description of their project, maximum 350 words). The participants are expected to be actively engaged (reading the handouts or preparatory literature if given to them beforehand, providing observations and feedback during data sessions, etc.). We ask participants who would like to share and discuss extracts of their data (ideally video) in a data session to let us know about this in their registration form. We encourage you to take profit from the opportunity to discuss your research with esteemed experts in the field!

We highly encourage all students and young researchers from disciplines such as linguistics, sociology, anthropology, psychology, ethnology, communications studies, etc. interested in multimodality and interaction to apply for participating in the ZOSMIA 2020.

For any questions, feel free to contact us via email 

Link to the registration form: