Workshops and conferences 2020

Workshop Partitivity

6 February 2020, University of Zurich

11-12 Pavel Caha (Masaryk University) : Partitives come, partitives go (PDF, 153 KB)
12.15-13.45 Lunch (Sento)
14-15 Natascha Pomino (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) : French presposition- determiner portmanteaux with mass nouns (PDF, 125 KB)
15-18 Discussion/work
19.30 Dinner

Symposium on Multimodal Im/politeness: Gesture, Sign and Spatial Configurations

23 October 2020, University of Zurich

In face-to-face interaction communication is intrinsically multimodal. While im/politeness for many years has been studied in a unilinear fashion, recent years have seen the emergence of a vibrant interest in multimodal components of im/politeness, such as prosody, gesture and bodily signals and also non-manual features in sign language. The goal of this symposium is to bring together researchers whose work focuses on multimodal aspects of im/politeness and who work in the areas of pragmatics in general, pragmatic development, gesture and multimodality, sign language, social psychology, language and space, and language and cognition. It will be an opportunity to share the latest research on multimodal aspects of im/politeness and to advance new insights in the field of im/politeness studies.

More details can be found here.