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Teodora Vuković

Teodora Vuković, MA

  • Former doctoral student (Bundesexzellenzstipendium)
  • FFG SyNoDe
Freiestrasse 16, 8032 Zürich
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PhD project

Corpus-based Study of the Post-positive Article in Torlak​

I am building a corpus of spoken variety of Torlak dialect spoken in the Timok region in South-eastern Serbia. The focus of my analysis is on the post-positive article from an areal and morphosyntactic perspective.

Supervisor: Barbara Sonnenhauser

Funding Sources:

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Foreign Scholars and Artists



Teodora Vuković, Tanja Samardžić (2018). Prostorna raspodela frekvencije post-pozitivnog člana u timočkom govoru (Areal distribution of the freqiency of the post-posed article in Timok vernacular). In Svetlana Cirkovic (Ed.). Timok. folkloristička i lingvistička terenska istraživanja 2015 - 2017. Knjaževac: Narodna biblioteka Njegoš. Beograd: Udruženje Folklorista Srbije.

Teodora Vuković, Maja Miličević (2017). Creation аnd some Ideas for Classroom Use of an Electronic Corpus оf тhe Dialect оf Bunjevci. in J. Filipović and J. Vučo ( Eds.), Minority. Languages in Education and Language Learning: Challenges and New Perspectives. Belgrade: Faculty of Philology.  

Biljana Sikimić, Teodora Vuković (2017). Digitalna zaštita bunjevačkih govora. in Drago Njegovan (Ed.). Kultura i identitet Bunjevaca. Novi Sad: Muzej Vojvodine. 473–489.

Teodora Vuković (2015). Izrada modela dijalekatskog korpusa bunjevačkog govora. Unpublished MA thesis. Belgrade: Faculty of Philology. 

Confereces and Workshops

April 2017

Spatial Boundaries and Transitions in Language and Interaction: Perspectives from Linguistics and Geography

Teodora Vukovic: Definite Article Frequencies in Timok Dialect of Torlak 

March 2016

Variation in space and time: clausal complementation in South Slavic​

Teodora Vuković: Towards the Torlak vernacular corpus

May 2015

XV International Conference on Minority Languages, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Teodora Vukovic, Maja Miličević: Creation and Some Ideas for Classroom Use of an Electronic Corpus of the Dialect of Bunjevci 

May 2012

StuLiKon - Studentska lingvistička konferencija, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Modifikacija ličnih glasovnih karakteristika u odnosu na jezik ili varijetet (Modfication of Perosnal Vocal Characteristics Depending on Language or Variety)


2016 - Present

Univeristy of Zurich, Slavisches Seminar / Text Group, Language and Space Lab

Doctoral candidate
Research topic: Corpus-based Study of Post-positive Articles in Torlak (Mentors: Barbara Sonnenhauser and Tanja Samardzic)


2013 – 2015

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology

MA in Corpus Linguistics
Thesis: Creating a Model for a Dialectological Corpus of the Bunjevac Dialect (Mentor: Maja Miličević) 

2009 – 2013

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology

BA in General Linguistics and Spanish Language

2005 – 2009

Philological High School, Belgrade

English Language and Literature


September 2015 – July 2017  Protecting immaterial heritage of the Torlak vernacular (The Institute for Balkan Studies of Serbian Academy for Sciences and Arts, Museum of Ethnography in Belgrade) The project has the goal of protecting and preserving the endangered Torlak vernacular by collecting linguistic samples of it in audio and video format and presenting them through an web page with various search options. I am one of the researchers in the field, and a corpus linguistics specialist in charge of creating an Internet archive of the Torlak vernacular. (Project leader: Biljana Sikimić)
Website of the project: Timočki govori
July 2015 – December 2016 Constructing Narratives (The Institute for Balkan Studies of SASA and The Institute for Slavic Studies of The Humboldt University in Berlin) The goal of the project is the creation of a corpus of oral narratives in the light of Constructive grammar theory. My role is to provide transcription training in EXMARaLDA, and supervise the process of transcription. I am also involved in the annotation process and the creation of the corpus. (Project leaders: Christian Voss, Marija Mandic, Philipp Wasserscheidt)
May 2015 – Present Webdict – Dictionary of the Shokac dialect (The Institute for Balkan Studies of SASA) Editor and co-author of an online dictionary of the Shokac dialect (Supervisor: Biljana Sikimić) Webpage
2012 - Present Webdict – Dictionary of the Bunjevac dialect (The Institute for Balkan Studies of SASA) Webpage

 November 2011 

Threads - Project assistant (Short term development project “Threads“ (2011) for children living and working on the streets of Belgrade (independent project of four University of Belgrade students in cooperation with the Center for Youth Integration and the American Embassy in Belgrade))

Previous positions


External Associate
Institute for Balkan studies of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. 

Fields of research: corpus linguistic, digital humanities, lexicography, field research. 

Team leader: Biljana Sikimić)

Scholarships and Grants

April 2017 - April 2020  ERA.Net RUS Plus (Horizon 2020) - TraCeBa
September 2016 - August 2019 Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists
April 2017 - April 2020 Serbian Ministry of Education scholarship for best students at foreign universities

Weiterführende Informationen

The trilateral project gathering teams from Switzerland, Russia and Serbia dedicated to the various linguistic studies of the Torlak dialect.


Eastern Serbia

PhD project on article systems in Torlak dialects spoken in eastern Serbia

Read more about Teodora Vuković's fieldwork experiences in her post at our URPP Language and Space Blog.

Torlak poster

Poster presented at the "Spatial Boundaries" conference, 26th of April 2017