Since July 2013, three linguistic laboratories have been established:

  • The corpuslinguistic laboratory (CorpusLab) serves towards the development and adaptation of methods and resources for the analysis of linguistic phenomena in corpora. The focus is thereby set on the advancement of corpus technology as well as on the storage, processing and analysis of extensive digital data (of both research groups). The CorpusLab is a research institution which also offers services pertaining to development, analysis and archiving of corpora at UZH.
  • Major research questions of the GISLab are “How can linguistic features, such as diversity, be explained through geographic characteristics?” and “How can geographic information in language be extracted and used to contribute to geographic research questions?” From a methodological perspective, the GISLab is a laboratory for quantitative methods and is mainly concerned with cartographic processing and geostatistical analysis and modelling of linguistic data by the means of geographic information systems (GIScience).
  • The videoanalytical laboratory (VideoLab) is mainly responsible for the collection, processing and analysis of audio-visual recordings of face-to-face interaction in the research group "Interactional Spaces".

These three laboratories are headed by research associates.