The scientific objective of the URPP Language and Space covers three areas: (i) constitution of research groups, (ii) development of linguistic research infrastructure, and (iii) initiation of concrete research projects.

(i) Constitution of research groups dedicated to two particularly relevant fields of language-space-intersections. These fields are Linguistic Areas and Interactional Spaces. Related to both of these fields there exist focused research groups from which research projects and publications emerge.

(ii) Development of linguistic research infrastructure for the advancement of methodology and technology in language-space-research. In addition to the already existing linguistic laboratories at UZH (Phonetics Laboratory and Psycholinguistics Laboratory), three more units were set up: a corpuslinguistic unit (Text), an interdisciplinary unit conceived in coordination with colleagues from the Department of Geography (GIS), and a videoanalytical unit (Video).

(iii) Initiation of research projects within the two fields of interest (Linguistic Areas and Interactional Spaces). During the first funding period (2013-2016), several PhD and postdoc projects were initiated. Additional doctoral positions were created by means of co-financing. One of the core responsibilities of the research groups is the preparation and supervision of these sub-projects. In doing so, they will support the advancement of young researchers.