Completed Projects

Projects funded by the URPP Language and Space

  • Spatial Language in Alpine Narratives, Ekaterina Egorova (PhD project on space conceptualizations in the Alpine Context)
  • Syntax and syntax-semantics interface of nominal expressions in cross-linguistic perspective, Tabea Ihsane (Postdoc project)
  • Public Valediction. Grief in Virtual Space (description), Karina Frick
    Neo-Aramaic dialects across Space and Time (description), Eleanor Coghill (postdoc researcher at the URPP Language and Space 2/2015-7/2016)
  • Greetings within groups - interaction openings and social events, Anita Diensthuber (financial support of dissertation project 7-12/2016)
  • Studio sincronico e ricostruzione diacronica dello status del vocalismo atono nell’area di transizione tra la sezione meridionale e centrale della Calabria, Alice Idone (financial support of dissertation project 10/2015--9/2016, now at SNSF project The Zurich database of agreement, DAI)
  • Approaching language variation in space: human judgements vs. corpus data, Uliana Petrunina (financial support of dissertation project 7/2014-8/2015, now at University of Tromsø)

Third party funded projects related to the Research Groups and the URPP Language and Space Lab

  • The Zurich database of agreement in Italo-Romance, Michele Loporcaro (PI), (SNSF project, 01.10.2015–30.09.2018, UZH’s research database)
  • From Social Interaction to Symbols and Grammar: A Unified Model of Language Evolution and Language Change, Stefan Höfler and Andrew D. M. Smith (PIs) (The Cogito Foundation, project website)
  • The Greater Burma Zone – a transitional zone of languages and peoples, Mathias Jenny (PI) (SNSF project 01.03.2014–28.02.2018, UZH’s reseach databaseSNSF)
  • Regional Linguistic Data Initiative (ReLDI), Tanja Samardžić (PI) (funded by SNSF, 5/2015-6/2017), more information
  • Basic Natural Language Processing (description), Tanja Samardžić (PI) (funded by Hasler Foundation, 2016-2017)
  • Modelling morphosyntactic area formation in Swiss German (SynMod), Elvira Glaser & Robert Weibel (PI) (funded by SNSF, SynMod period 2/2013-1/2016, SynMod+ period 2/2016-4/2017), more information
  • International and interdisciplinary conference "Spatial Boundaries and Transitions in Language and Interaction: Perspectives from Linguistics and Geography", 23-28 April, 2017, funded by Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF); postdoc collaborator in organizing committee Charlotte Meisner (8/2015-1/2016, 4/2016-5/2017)
  • Academic e-learning platforms as virtual spaces, Heiko Hausendorf (PI) (funded by SNSF, 4/2012-12/2016)
  • Case decay in the Balkan area, Max Wahlström (University of Helsinki) (Kone Foundation, visiting postdoc at Department of Comparative Linguistics from 01.03.2016 - 31.12.2016)
  • Large-scale Annotation and Alignment of Parallel Corpora for the investigation of Linguistic Variation (SPARCLING), Marianne Hundt, Martin Volk (PI) (SNSF project, SPARCLING project page)
  • Variation in space and time: clausal complementation in South Slavic, Barbara Sonnenhauser (PI), (SNF international exploratory workshop, Zurich, March 17–19, 2016, more information)
  • Mobile teaching (description), Heiko Hausendorf (PI) (funded by Stiftung für wissenschaftliche Forschung UZH, 2013)
  • Areal dynamics as a cue to diachronic reconstruction (description), Michele Loporcaro (PI), (funded by Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin 2013/2014)
  • Does syntactic microvariation across Campidanese correlate with dialect sub-areas? (description), Michele Loporcaro (PI), (funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna)