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 Simone E. Pfenninger

Simone E. Pfenninger, Prof. Dr.

  • Full Professor for English Linguistics

Variationist Second Language (L2) Acquisition:

  • Inter- and intra-individual differences in language development across the lifespan from psycholinguistic andsociolinguistic perspectives
  • Age effects in different learning environments (the role of the environment as an active player in SLA): personal and societal factors, including differences in living circumstances and socialization that bring about age-specific discontinuity patterns
  • Retirement as a socially constructed and significant life event that implies major changes in the individual’s lifestyle and social network (and subsequently communication skills)

Spaces of multilingualism:

  • Cross‐cultural attitudes toward speech and language disorders (incl. equibable treatment); cross‐cultural attitudes to ageing in the different parts of Switzerland and Europe
  • L2 learning in study abroad (e.g. signature dynamics of development in L2 sociolinguistic competence)
  • International English as a lingua franca in Switzerland vis-à-vis four official languages in Switzerland (English in the digital space and in extracurricular activities; content- and-language-integrated learning)


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