Colloquium URPP Language and Space in Fall 2015

LocationKOL-F-123, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich

Time: 16:15 - 18:00

Date Speaker Title
24 Sep 2015 Diego Pescarini (UZH, Romance Department) Residual Tobler-Mussafia effects in Italian dialects
08 Oct 2015 Naomi Baron (American University, Washington, DC) The Real Linguistic Impact of Electronically-Mediated Communication: What Changed, What Didn't
22 Oct 2015 Helen Christen (Université de Friboug) Vom Umgang mit Raum oder wie Dialektolog/innen und Alltagsmenschen mit arealer Sprachvariation verfahren
05 Nov 2015 Eleanor Coghill (UZH, URPP Language and Space)

Aramaic Dialects across Space and Time

19 Nov 2015 Mathieu Avanzi (UZH, Romance department) A crowdsourcing approach to lexical, syntactic and phonological variation in Franco-Provencal French
03 Dec 2015 Philipp Stöckle (UZH, Department of German Studies)

Horizontale und vertikale Variation in der schweizerdeutschen Morphosyntax

17 Dec 2015 Darja Fišer (University of Ljubljana)

The JANES project: resources, tools and methods for the analysis of Slovene user-generated content

Presentation of PhD students of the URPP Language and Space within the colloquium of the PhD program Linguisitcs

Date Speaker Title
26 Nov 2015 Kenan Hochuli Interaktionen auf Märkten in Instanbul und Zürich: ein Vergleich
26 Nov 2015 David Gerards Mass-Determinanten im Altiberoromanischen
10 Dec 2015 Nathalie Meyer Massively multimodal communication and space: a case study of video game livestreams
10 Dec 2015 Florian Sommer

The impact of diachronic and diatopic interaction on morphology: a case study from Baltic