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URPP Language and Space

Networks “Interactional Spaces”

Theories of Space

Some of the empirical studies conducted by the research group members are already part of ongoing theoretical and methodological discussions within the network Theories of Space, which is mainly concerned with issues regarding the public sphere and the virtual space. The discussions cover theories regarding the production of interactional space, as well as the relationship between architecture, language, and the body.

Collaboration with IDS Mannheim

Since 2014 there exists a cooperation agreement between members of the research group Interactional Spaces and the pragmatics department of the Institut für Deutsche Sprache in Mannheim (link to project "Multimodale Interaktion"). One of the main research objects of this cooperation is the development and exchange of methods connected to the transcription of multimodal data.

Collaboration with Science Center Technorama

Members of the “Interactive Discoveries” project team work closely with colleagues from the division exhibition and didactics of the Science Center Technorama in Winterthur.


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Workshop 100 Ways of Thinking

The workshop "Stadt als Spielfeld denken" is part of the event series "100 Ways of Thinking", Kunsthalle Zürich.