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URPP Language and Space

Networks “Accommodation and Social Categorization”

Many junior researchers at the UZH interested in topics and questions highly relevant for the Research Group “Accommodation and Social Categorization” are organized either in the network Language Contact Groupor the network Accommodation in human and nonhuman primates.

Hanna Ruch, Yvonne Zürcher and Judith M. Burkart published an article on "The function and mechanism of vocal accommodation in humans and other primates" in Biological Reviews (Nov 2017)

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Seminarhotel Lihn

Language Contact Group writing retreat

Members of the Language Contact Group are editing a book about the relationship between language/dialect contact and language change, bringing together different perspectives from areal linguistics, typology, dialectology and sociolinguistics.


Interdisciplinary network

Linguists, anthropologists and biologists debate about accommodation processes in human and nonhuman primates. See workshop program here.