Workshops und Konferenzen 2019

Workshop des PARTE Netzwerks

25. Januar 2019, Universität Zürich

Workshop im Rahmen der UFSP Forschungsgruppe "Systems of Nominal Determination in Contact (SyNoDe)", organisiert von Tabea Ihsane und Elisabeth Stark

Mehr Informationen über das PARTE Netzwerk finden Sie hier.

Workshop "Spatial patterns of language evolution"

24. Januar 2019, Universität Zürich

Workshop as part of the URPP research group "Areal Morphology", organized by Peter Ranacher, leader GISGroup in the Language and Space Lab

Invited Speakers: Marco Túlio Pacheco Coelho is a researcher at the Biocultural Diversity & Conservation lab at Colorado State University (USA) and at the Theoretical Ecology and Synthesis lab at Universidade Federal de Goiás (Brazil) where he uses methods of Biogeography, such as mechanistic simulation models, to investigate two fundamental facts about human diversity: why do humans speak so many languages and why are these languages so unevenly distributed across the globe.

More details can be found here