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Projects “Accommodation and Social Categorization”

Ongoing project

  • Linguistic Accommodation in caregiver - child conversation, Olivier Ruest (PhD Project), UZH Forschungskredit
  • V. Dellwo, E. Pellegrino (PI), The role of Expressive Audio-Visual Information on Face-Voice and VoiceFace Identity Matching, Stiftung für Wissenschafliche Forschung, UZH, 01.09.2021-31.08.2024.
  • WP Accommodation within NCCR Evolving Language, as part of project "cooperation" in theme 3 "social cognition", J. Burkart, V. Dellwo (PIs) (NCCR Evolving Language)
  • The dynamics of indexical information in speech and its role in speech communication and speaker recognition, Volker Dellwo (PI) (SNSF, 01.12.2019-30.11.2023, project website)

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One-day workshop - 13 December 2018

Whatsup-Projekt Coopzeitung

What’s up Switzerland?-Projekt in der Coopzeitung

Das Projekt What’s up Switzerland? Language, Individuals and Ideologies in mobile messaging, welches von Elisabeth Stark geleitet wird, wurde in der Coopzeitung thematisiert.