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Online Support for Video-analytical Seminars: How Working with Student-made Video Corpora can be Effectively Managed with the Aid of Digital Platforms

Those who teach seminars on video analysis that include video corpora collected by students often face the problem of not being able to provide course participants with access to the material.   In other words, too often the collected video corpora cannot be used for common discussion and analysis in the seminar. Data gathered during courses offered by the VideoLab have shown that the learning platform OLAT is only useful to a limited extent.  Due to size restrictions within OLAT, a chaotic maze of links to external storage providers is created, thus obstructing the overview of developing discussions on the data. Additionally, there is a lack of competence in “online communication” which hinders the presentation of analytical observation in such a way that the connection to concrete video clips becomes incomprehensible. This is where the collaboration between the VideoLab and the Team for Digital Teaching and Research begins.  In the courses offered by the VideoLab, we will put several platforms and tools designed for the use of video teaching to the test. At the same time, we will develop a handout that will help facilitate work with video corpora in online-supported teaching for lecturers and students.

Cooperation: This is a collaborative project between the VideoLab (Wolfgang Kesselheim) and the Team for Digital Teaching and Research (Team für Digitale Lehre und Forshcung, DLF) of the University of Zurich Arts Faculty (Christian Schorno, Anita Holdener).

Funding source: URPP Language and Space and the UZH DLF.