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URPP Language and Space Spatial Boundaries and Transitions in Language and Interaction

Poster session

Wednesday, 26. April 2017


At the poster session further papers will be presented. Here we give a preliminary list:

Mara Barbosa
Reproducing and challenging language ideologies concerning Spanish in the U.S.: the case of Indiana

Christian Freksa and Ahmed Loai Ali
Geographic objects, relations among them, and conceptual categories

David Mark and Gaurav Sinha 
Conceptualizations of The Horizon: A fundamental Experiential Boundary

Claudia Posch and Gerhard Rampl
Mit ‚–wärts‘ geht’s abwärts. The descent of a German Suffixoid

Dionysios Zoumpalidis and Julia Mazurova
Crossing boundaries: the role of language and space in (re)shaping identity of ethnic Georgian teenagers in Moscow


The poster session will also include posters from researchers of the University of Zurich and their colleagues:

Christina Brandenberger and Christoph Hottiger
Defining the Boundaries of Exhibits in Science Centres - Between Architecture and Visitors' Usage

Ekaterina Egorova
Mountain Scenario in Alpine Route Directions

Karina Frick
Public Valediction: Grief in Virtual Space

David Paul Gerards
The so-called partitive article in Old Iberoromance

Heiko Hausendorf, Marcel Näf, Kyoko Sugisaki, Nicolas Wiedmer
The Zurich Postcard Corpus (ZPC): 15,000 Ways to overcome Spatial Boundaries

Kenan Hochuli
Interaction at markets

Johannes Kabatek
Differential object marking in Spanish: Emergence and tendencies of the current system

Michele Loporcaro, Diego Pescarini, Tania Paciaroni, Alice Idone, Serena Romagnoli
The Zurich database of agreement in Italo-Romance

Nathalie Meyer
Massively Multimodal Communication and Space: A Case Study of Video Game Livestreaming

Peter Ranacher, Curdin Derungs, Balthasar Bickel, Robert Weibel
Geographic isolation and morphological richness of languages in South-Eastern Asia

Barbara Sonnenhauser and Martin Junge
Description, usage and origin - The Supine in Slovene

Elisabeth Stark, Beat Siebenhaar, Simone Ueberwasser, Samuel Felder, Franziska Stuntebeck
Individuals in WhatsApp Communication: Aspects of Accommodation – Variation in Time

Antonia Steger
Lingering in Public. Interactive Practices of Spatial Production on Urban Squares in Zurich

Teodora Vukovic
Determination, definite article use in Torlak dialects