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Kenan Hochuli

Kenan Hochuli, Dr.

  • Former Doctoral student Video Group

Kenan Hochuli was a member of the URPP Language and Space from 2014 to 2019.

PhD project: Interactive Processes and Configurations at Market Stalls in Istanbul and Zurich

Trade has played a fundamental role in the emergence of cities (cf. Kostof 1993, Bahrdt 2006). Markets and, above all, market stalls are essential to the process of exchanging goods for goods or good for money. In my dissertation project I contrast Zurich's weekly markets with street and neighborhood markets in Istanbul. My focus is on interaction at fruit and vegetable stalls, which play a central role in both cities. Moreover, in their reduced basic structure - goods on the table, seller behind it, buyers in front of it – they offer a comparable setting.
In the theoretical and methodological framework of conversation analysis and ethnomethodological videography, I am concerned with the question of how interactive contributions are achieved, especially at the beginning and end of sales interactions, and how these contributions fit into the general interaction order at the market stall. Specifically, my focus is on the comparison of interactive configurations, the question of their emergence and their significance for social encounters in both cities.
In a hitherto unconsidered way, my work bridges recent findings from the study of space and interaction (cf. Hausendorf et al. 2016) and cross-cultural studies on the multimodal behavior of participants in comparable settings (cf. Mondada/Sorjonen 2016 i.a.) while taking into account the fundamental role of configurative structures for social experience.


Bahrdt, Hans-Paul (2006): Die moderne Großstadt. Soziologische Überlegungen zum Städtebau. Herausgegeben von Ulfert Herleyn. 2. Aufl. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.

Hausendorf, Heiko; Schmitt, Reinhold; Kesselheim, Wolfgang (Hg.) (2016): Interaktionsarchitektur, Sozialtopographie und Interaktionsraum. 1. Auflage. Tübingen: Narr Francke Attempto (Studien zur deutschen Sprache, 72).

Kostof, Spiro (1993): Die Anatomie der Stadt. Geschichte städtischer Strukturen. Frankfurt: Campus-Verl.

Mondada, Lorenza; Sorjonen, Marja-Leena (2016): Making multiple requests in French and Finnish convenience stores. In: Lang. Soc. 45 (05).


Angelika Linke, Wolfgang Kesselheim, Heiko Hausendorf

Funding source

URPP Language and Space / Forschungskredit Candoc


2015 - today

Doctoral Program Linguistics, University of Zurich

Dissertation project

2018 - 2019 Research funded by Forschungskredit Candoc
2014 - 2018 Employment at the VideoLab, URPP Language and Space
2004 - 2013

Studies with licenciate degree, University of Zurich
German Language and Literature

Political Science

Modern History


Academic Positions in Research and Teaching

2014 - 2018 Doctoral Student of the VideoLab, URPP Language and Space
2012 - 2014 Research assistant at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Angelika Linke, German Department, University of Zurich
HS 2006 Tutor, German Department, University of Zurich


Teaching Activities

HS 2016

Lectureship, Deutsches Seminar, University of Zurich
Übung: Interaktion in der Öffentlichkeit
Together with: Prof. Dr. Angelika Linke

HS 2014

Lectureship, Deutsches Seminar, University of Zurich
Basismodul Linguistik Synchron

HS 2013 As part of the employment as a research assistant at Deutsches Seminar, University of Zurich: Lectureship
Basismodul Linguistik Synchron
FS 2013 Lectureship-assistance in the Seminar "Wenn Affen sich austauschen: Zur Evolution menschlicher Kommunikation"



2017 - 2019 Research Stay at the King's College in London. Collaboration with the Research Group of Prof. Dr. Christian Heath, Funded by Travel Grant from the Graduate Campus, UZH
2018 Participation in the Nordic Night Seminar at the University of Helsinki. After acceptance of draft proposal. Funded by Doctoral Program Linguistics, Zurich
2018 Research stay at the Moody College of Communication, University of Texas, Austin. Collaboration with the Research Group of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Streeck. Funded by Travel Grant from the Graduate Campus, UZH


Memberships in Scientific Societies


International Society for Conversation Analysis

KULI Internationales Forschungsnetzwerk "KULI - Kulturbezogene und kulturanalytische Linguistik"

International Pragmatics Association


Germanistler Derneği - Türkischer Germanistenverband


Schweizerische Sprachwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft / Société Suisse de Linguistique


Vereinigung für Angewandte Linguistik in der Schweiz



Hochuli, Kenan (2019). Turning the Passer-by into a Customer: Multi-party Encounters at a Market Stall. Research on Language and Social Interaction.


“Openings and closings at market stalls in Zurich and Istanbul”, 5th International Conference of Conversation Analysis (ICCA), 14/07/2018, Loughborough University (cf. program and abstract:

“Eye-tracking and Conversation analysis: A theoretical discussion of the approach to gaze ‘from within’ interactants”, VALS-ASLA 2018, 7/06/2018, University of Basel (cf. program and abstract:

“Interaktion im öffentlichen Raum und die Rolle des Dritten”, Sektionentagung der Gesellschaft für Angewandte Linguistik, 8/07/2017, University of Basel, (cf. program:

“Sharing the space we inhabit – movement as a semiotic base for communication”, 11th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature, 06/04/2017, University of Brighton. (cf. program:

“Öffentlichkeit als interaktive Konfiguration”, conference Öffentlichkeit als Interaktion, 18/01/2018, University of Zurich (cf. program; The presentation is noted here as ‘input’).

“Filming Perception? Discussing Technologies for Imaging Phenomenological Perspectives“, together with Antonia Steger, conference: Shifting Grounds: Literature, Culture and Spatial Phenomenologies zusammen mit Antonia Steger, 27/11/2016, University of Zurich (cf. program:

“Interaktion auf dem Wochenmarkt“, Cooperation Workshop wit SFB 1265 „Re-Figuration von Räumen“, 8/11/2018, TU Berlin (cf. program:

“Interaktive Konfigurationen der Marktstandkommunikation in Istanbul und Zürich“, SFB guest lecture, 25/02/2019, University of Potsdam (cf. announcement:

“Interaction at markets in Istanbul and Zurich: a cross-cultural comparison of physical communication behavior and the utilization of spatial resources”. Presentation at the workshop Affects of (Moving) Images, 02/07/2015, organized by the Zentrum für Anthropologie und Gender Studies, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, DE (link to program no longer available).