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URPP Language and Space Hanna Ruch

Hanna Ruch

Research Interests

Language variation and change

Laboratory Phonology

Experimental Linguistics



Contact Linguistics


Oct 2013 – present

PostDoc researcher, URPP Language and Space, University of Zurich

2010 – 2013 PhD student in Linguistics, Linguististisches Internationales Promotionsprogramm (LIPP), Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
  Thesis: Lautvariation und Lautwandel im andalusischen Spanisch: Prä- und Postaspiration bei /s/ vor stimmlosen Plosiven
(Prof. Dr. Ulrich Detges, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Harrington)
2011 Teaching diploma for Spanish, University of Zurich
2009 – 2010 Research assistant at the Phonetics Laboratory, University of Zurich
Spanish teacher, Kantonsschule Stadelhofen, Zurich
German teacher, scw Sprachschule, Zurich
2003 – 2009 Studies in Spanish Language and Literature, German Linguistics and Geography, University of Zurich
Thesis: La variante [ts] en el español de Sevilla: aspectos fonético-fonológicos y soiolingüísticos de un sonido innovador
(Prof. Dr. Georg Bossong)



Oct 2012 – July 2013 SNSF fellowship for prospective researchers



International Journals

Ruch, Hanna & Sandra Peters (2016). On the origin of post-aspirated stops: Perception and production of /s/ + voiceless stop sequences in Andalusian Spanish. Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology7(1), 2.

Ruch, Hanna & Jonathan Harrington (2014). Synchronic and diachronic factors in the change from pre-aspiration to post-aspiration in Andalusian Spanish. Journal of Phonetics 45, 12-25.

Conference proceedings

Ruch, Hanna (2015). Vowel convergence and divergence between two Swiss German dialects. In The Scottish Consortium for ICPhS 2015 (Ed.), Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Glasgow, UK: the University of Glasgow. Paper 0404.

Ruch, Hanna (2013). Investigating a gradual metathesis: Phonetic and lexical factors on /s/-aspiration in Andalusian Spanish. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics, Selected Papers from NWAV 41, Article 19.

Ruch, Hanna (2012). Affrication of /st/ in Western Andalusian Spanish: Variation and change from a sociophonetic point of view. In: Calamai, S.; Celata, C. & Ciucci, L. (Eds.): Proceedings of Sociophonetics, at the crossroads of speech variation, processing and communication, Pisa, December 14th-15th, 2010. Pisa: Edizioni della Normale, 61-64.

Invited Talks

Investigating short-term accommodation between speakers of Swiss German. 7 March 2016, Department of English (Prof. D. Britain), University of Berne

Konzeption von Salienz und deren Operationalisierung zur Untersuchung von Sprachgebrauch und Sprachwandel. 7 November 2015, German Department (Prof. H. Christen), University of Fribourg


(with Tamara Rakic) Asymmetric accommodation between dialect speakers in an urban setting, 17 October 2015, conference Where Geography Meets Language, Berne

Short-term accommodation between speakers of different varieties, Modeling Variability in Speech, 1 October 2015, Stuttgart

Vowel convergence and divergence between two dialects of Swiss German, 14 August 2015, 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), Glasgow

Re-emergence of sonorant geminates in Zurich and Grison German, 12 August 2015, poster presentation, GemCon 2015, ICPhS 2015 Satellite Workshop on ‘Geminate Consonants across the World’, Glasgow

(with Anja Hasse) Sprachkontakt und Dialektkontakt. 4 December 2014, Linguistic Colloquium, University of Zurich

Phonetische Akkommodation in Dialektkontaktsituationen. 1 October 2014, Department of Psychology, Social Psychology, University of Zurich

Aspiration metathesis in Andalusian Spanish: The role of place of articulation. 26 July 2014, LabPhon 14, Tokio

Modelling aspiration metathesis in Andalusian Spanish, 20 June 2014, 8th Days of Swiss Linguistics, Zurich

The indexical function of pre- and postaspiration in a sound change in progress. 30 May 2014, 3rd Workshop on Sound Change, University of California, Berkeley

Wer spricht? Zur Wahrnehmung von Sprecheralter und -dialekt in einem aktuell stattfindenden Lautwandel im andalusischen Spanisch. 11 October 2013, PundP 9, Zurich

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