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UFSP Sprache und Raum Projekt SynMod

Workshop "Maps and Grammar"

Vorläufiges Programm

Zeit Vortrag
9.00 Hans Bennis: Adjectival agreement in Dutch.
9.20 Lotte Hendriks: Variation in verb cluster interruption.
9.40 Philipp Stöckle: Co-occurrences of doubling verbs in Swiss German dialects.
10.00 Diskussion
10.30 Kaffeepause
11.00 Erik Tjong Kim Sang: Arvid. A Computational Tool for Dialect Research.
11.20 Péter Jeszenszky: Quantifying effects of geographic factors on morpho-syntactic variation in Swiss German dialects.
11.40 Nina Ouddeken: Phonological variation in transition zones.
12.00 Diskussion
12.30 Mittagspause
14.15 Steven Moran, Curdin Derungs und Simon Etter: The Language Geography of Dogon.
14.35 Gertjan Postma: Areal transition effects - AGR-T orders under the jij/du isogloss in the Netherlands.
14.55 Diskussion und Abschluss
15.30 Kaffee
16.00 Ende des Workshops

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