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URPP Language and Space

Guest lectures and discussions 2015



Darja Fišer (Ljubljana)

The JANES project: resources, tools and methods for the analysis of Slovene user-generated content

Thursday, 17 December 2015, 16:15–18:00 Uhr


In the talk we will present an overview of the current results and on-going activities of the JANES project, The project started in 2014 and focuses on nonstandard Slovene. Its objectives are to build a large corpus of user-generated Slovene as found on the Internet which will serve as the basis for linguistic analyses and will also help to improve language-technology tools for processing texts written in nonstandard Slovene. We have compiled the first version of the JANES corpus of user-generated Slovene which contains four types of text: tweets, forums, news comments and blogs comprising just over 160 million tokens. The corpus has been tokenized, normalised, part-of-speech tagged and lemmatised. It should be noted that the method for word normalisation is currently only a prototype, which we plan to improve in the continuation of the project. We have also developed a method to predict the level of non-standardness of texts in the corpus. We propose that non-standardness comes in two basic varieties, technical and linguistic, and developed a machine-learning method to discriminate between standard and non-standard text in these two dimensions. The subcorpus of tweets has also been automatically annotated for sentiment and geographic region as well as manually annotated for gender (female/male/neutral) and type of user (corporate/private). The corpus has already been used for linguistic analyses by researchers and students, and their results have been presented at two national and three international conferences.



Helen Christen (Fribourg)

Vom Umgang mit Raum oder wie Dialektolog/innen und Alltagsmenschen mit arealer Sprachvariation verfahren

Thursday, 22 October 2015, 16:15–18:00 Uhr

Room SOD 1 105, Schönberggasse 9, 8001 Zürich



Tamara Rakic (Lancaster)

Language in Social Psychology. On the influence of language and accents on social perception and categorization

Tuesday, 16 June 2015, 16:15–17:45

Room KOL G 203, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich



Dennis R. Preston (Oklahoma State University / Michigan State University Emeritus)

Perception: What have we learned?

Thursday, 21 May 2015, 16:15–18:00

Room SOD 1 105, Schönberggasse 9, 8001 Zürich



Jürg Fleischer (Marburg)

Kasus, Wortstellung und Belebtheit: Evidenz aus einer kontrastiven neurolinguistischen Untersuchung zu Standarddeutsch, Zürichdeutsch und Fering

Thursday, 7 May 2015, 16:15–18:00

Room SOD 1 105, Schönberggasse 9, 8001 Zürich



Leelo Keevallik und Mathias Broth (Linköping)

Instruction in Embodied Interaction

Vortrag Leelo Keevallik: Vocal practices of synchronizing the bodies in a dance class

Vortrag Mathias Broth: The accountability of braking in driving instruction

Thursday, 23 April 2015, 16:15–18:00

Room SOD 1 105, Schönberggasse 9, 8001 Zürich



Brook Bolander (FRIAS Universität Freiburg/UZH, Englisches Seminar)

English, motility and local constructions of the transnational Ismaili community

Thursday, 12 March 2015, 16:15–18:00

Room SOD 1 105, Schönberggasse 9, 8001 Zürich