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URPP Language and Space

Citizen Science Projects

Citizen science projects of members of the URPP

Linguistic research largely rests on data collected in fieldwork and experiments. Linguists are dependent on the participation of sources willingly providing information about questions linguists want to answer. In the following you find more information about linguistic Citizen Science projects that have been developed by members of the URPP Language and Space:

Schweizerdeutsch 1930 / 2020 - Finde deinen Dialekt in den 40 Wenker-Sätzen (Prof. Dr. Elvira Glaser, Sandro Bachmann, Carmen Raggenbass)

gschmöis (Project members: Prof. Dr. Elvira Glaser, Sandro Bachmann, Anja Hasse)

Citizen Linguistics (Project managers: Prof. Dr. Marianne Hundt, Prof. Dr. Martin Volk)

Language use in CMC (Project manager: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark)

Learning languages (Project manager: Prof. Dr. Sabine Stoll)

Voices of Switzerland (Project managers: Prof. Dr. Elvira Glaser, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark, Prof. Dr. Michele Loporcaro)

Language documentation (Project members: Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel and many further collaborators at the Department of Comparative Linguistics)

Language and Place (Project members: Prof. Dr. Ross Purves, Dr. Flurina Wartmann)

GeoKokos (Project members: Prof. Dr. Martin Volk, Prof. Dr. Ross Purves, Dr. Simon Clematide)

Several members of the URPP are also engaged in the Citizen Science Centerof the UZH and ETH Zurich.

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Schweizerdeutsch 1930 / 2020

Take part in the Citizen Science Project Schweizerdeutsch 1930 / 2020 - Finde deinen Dialekt in den 40 Wenker-Sätzen. You can choose between "Transkribieren" and "Übersetzen".

Workshop Crowdsourcing

Workshop on Crowdsourcing

Members of the research group "Spatial References" organized a workshop on crowdsourcing and citizen science in linguistics (January 16, 2018, UZH). Participants were David Britain, Elvira Glaser, Marianne Hundt, Simon Clematide, Christa Dürscheid, Karina Frick, and Wolfgang Kesselheim, besides the workshop organizers Ekaterina Egorova, Ross Purves and Martin Volk.