Projects “SyNoDe”

Ongoing projects funded by the URPP Language and Space

  • Partitives in Ibero-Romance: diachrony and language contact, David Gerards (PhD project)

Ongoing third party funded projects related to the Research Group

  • Differential Object Marking (DOM) in Spanish: Emergence and tendencies of the current system, Johannes Kabatek (PI) (SNSF project, DOM project page)
  • The Evolution of Noun Phrases in Indo-Iranian: empirical foundations and theoretical modeling, Paul Widmer, Balthasar Bickel (PI), (SNSF project)
  • Corpus-based Study of Post-positive Articles in Torlak, Teodora Vuković (PhD project, Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists)
  • Prepositions in English Argument Structure across Time and Space: A Corpus-based Evolutionary Construction Grammar Approach, Marianne Hundt (PI), (SNSF project)
  • Distribution and Function of ‘Partitive articles’ in Romance (DiFuPaRo): a microvariation analysis, Elisabeth Stark (PI), (SNSF-DFG project funding, formula “Lead agency”, 01.06.2018 - 31.05.2021), co-applicant: Cecilia Poletto (DiFuPaRo Website)