Projects “Spatial References”

Ongoing projects funded by the URPP Language and Space

  • Landscape and language – Exploring approaches to extracting landscape perception, Manuel Bär (PhD project)

Ongoing third party funded projects related to the Research Group

  • Local Toponyms of The Canton of St. Gallen / Die Flurnamen des Kantons St. Gallen (TopSG), Elvira Glaser, Ross Purves (SNSF project, 01.02.2016–31.01.2019), Simone Berchtold, Ludwig Rübekeil, Ross Purves (SNSF project, 01.02.2019-31.01.2022)
  • The evolution of genres between standardization and variation: The case of picture post cards. Text and corpus driven studies of patterns of private everyday and tele communication. / Textsortenentwicklung zwischen Standardisierung und Variation: Das Beispiel der Ansichtskarte. Text- und korpuslinguistische Untersuchungen zur Musterhaftigkeit privater Fern- und Alltagsschriftlichkeit, Heiko Hausendorf (PI), (SNSF sinergia project, 01.04.2016–31.03.2020, project homepage), co-applicant: Joachim Scharloth