Projects “Interactional Spaces”

Ongoing projects funded by the URPP Language and Space

  • Im Raum der Kunst: Voraussetzungen, Konfigurationen und Verfahren der interaktiven Bezugnahme auf zeitgenössische Installationskunst, Sandra Winiger (PhD project)
  • Lingering in Public. Interactive Practices of Spatial Production on Urban Squares in Zurich, Antonia Steger (PhD project)
  • Interaction at markets in Istanbul and Zurich: a cross-cultural comparison of physical communication behavior and the utilization of spatial resources, Kenan Hochuli (PhD project, funding until 10/2018, now thrid party funded by scholarship Candoc Forschungskredit)
  • Massively Multimodal Communication and Space: A Case Study of Video Game Livestreaming, Nathalie Meyer (PhD project, funding until 2/2019)
  • The Church Interior as an Interactional Space: Architecture, Usability and Ritual, Heiko Hausendorf (PI) & Reinhold Schmitt (PI), in cooperation with Ralph Kunz and Rafael Walthert. Link to working papers SpuR 01 and SpuR 03
  • At the counter. Social interaction at Swiss Railway station counters. A comparative study, Heiko Hausendorf (PI) & Lorenza Mondada (PI). Link to working paper SpuR 05 (PDF, 13975 KB)

Ongoing third party funded projects related to the Research Group

  • Interactive discoveries: A video and eye-tracking based study of knowledge construction in science centres, Wolfgang Kesselheim (PI), (SNSF project)
  • PhD projects by Christina Brandenberger and Christoph Hottiger: A video and eye-tracking based study of knowledge construction in science centers.
  • What’s up Switzerland? Language, Individuals and Ideologies in mobile messaging, Elisabeth Stark (PI) (SNSF Sinergia project, see also project website), co-applicants: Christa Dürscheid, Federica Diémoz, Bruno Moretti, Crispin Thurlow, Beat Siebenhaar
  • Digitale Sprachressourcen. Empirische Analysen und Perspektiven, Christa Dürscheid (PI), (SNSF project, 01.10.2018 - 30.09.2020)