Research Design

You have an idea for an empirical study but don't know where to start?



Quantitative studies

Linguists often turn to professional statisticians for data analysis. Often, however, linguists will hear "I can't do anything with your data."  Careful research design prior to data collection will help you avoid such situations.

Our research design consulting can help you:

  • Turn your research idea into a proper experimental set-up
  • Define your research domain in terms of variables and their values
  • Choose the most appropriate technique for data analysis

Contact: Tanja Samardžić


Qualitative studies

Do you want to study naturally occurring interaction in an acoustically challenging setting? Are you interested in enriching your dialectological or sociolinguistic interview with video data but do not quite know how to go about it? We can help you in areas such as the following:

  • What equipment to use
  • Aspects to consider when placing your cameras and recording devices
  • Strategies to get access to the field site
  • What programmes to use when analysing the video data

Contact: Wolfgang Kesselheim