Data Management

Where will your data live during and after your study?

Spatial IDM

You have created your large or small data sample and now you want to work on it with your team. At this point you can use our data management service. We can help you build a safe home for your data with appropriate access facilities. This includes:

  • Collecting data: the use of computers and devices for compiling information over the internet or in the field
  • Working directories: a file space with editing and versioning control to be shared with your team during the work on a project
  • Look up facilities: databases with query interfaces
  • Long term storage: a place where the output of your project will be accessible after your project is over.

Our data management service can be especially useful in writing Data Management Plans for project proposals (see Data Management Plan (DMP) - Guidelines for researchers, SNSF).


Contact: Tanja Samardžić (Text), SDS Group