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Workshops und Konferenzen 2014


Partitivity in Romance and Beyond

Thursday, 11 December 2014, to Saturday, 13 December 2014

On a general level, this workshop aims at investigating the geographical distribution, morphosyntactic properties, and motivations for the presence of partitive elements in Romance and Germanic varieties in contact. More in detail, two aims can be identified. The first aim is to identify where these elements are present in Romance and Germanic varieties of Switzerland, as well as adjacent ones in France, Germany, and Italy, and to fill up the lacunae about their geographical distribution, lacunae to be further explored in collaborative research projects based on available databases, especially inside the Edisyn Network (e.g., ALAVAL for Francoprovençal, DADDIPRO for Occitan, ASiT for Northern Italian dialects, SADS for Swiss German dialects). Many of the researchers leading these projects will take part in the workshop. The second aim is to establish sound hypotheses about the geographical distribution of partitive elements with regard to their development: did these elements develop (at least initially) independently for language-internal reasons? Did contact play a role (and which one) in the rise and spread of such elements? One crucial idea will be that explicit hypotheses about i) the internal motivation (correlations) of a given morphosyntactic element will permit to formulate predictions about its actual presence or absence in a given variety and ii) that its existence -despite it being unexpected- will give a sound reason to look for language contact as an explanation for it to appear nevertheless. After this first SNF-funded International Exploratory Workshop at Zurich, a 'partitvity network" has been founded, uniting experts on the topic from the universities of Zurich, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Toulouse, Nice, Turin, Venice, Francfort, Konstanz, Göttingen, Barcelona and Utrecht, which will gather regularly and establish common research questions and common research projects, with empirical as well as theoretical foci.

Organized by Elisabeth Stark und Giorgio Iemmolo, funded by the SNFS

Website Partitivity in Romance and Beyond



Visualizing Linguistic Data

Friday, 21 November 2014

Choosing the optimal visualization for analyzing or representing your data is a difficult and important, but often neglected task. In this one day workshop we will focus on the state of the art in visualization and potentially new techniques applicable applicable to the linguistic domain. The aim is to give a broad overview on visualization approaches, to critically discuss these approaches, and also to do hands on work with real data.

Invited speakers: André Skupin (San Diego), Alfred Lameli (Marburg), Michael Cysouw (Marburg)

Organized by Curdin Derungs, Elvira Glaser, Johannes Kabatek and Philipp Stöckle

Link to flyer



Alphagottesdienst als Sozialform. Ein interdisziplinärer Workshop zwischen Linguistik und Religionswissenschaft

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2014

Am Workshop nahmen neben LinguistInnen aus der Forschungsgruppe Interaktionsräume folgende eingeladene WissenschaftlerInnen teil:

Uwe Buβ, Burkhard Hotz, Johanna Jud, Dorothea Lüddeckens, Serap Öndüc, Reinhold Schmitt, Madeleine Schwarzenberg, Rafael Walthert, Barbara Zeugin

Organisiert von Heiko Hausendorf und Reinhold Schmitt (IDS Mannheim)

Programm Workshop (PDF, 112 KB)


Das Arbeitspapier Nr. 3 des UFSP SpuR gibt Einblick in die interaktionslinguistische Perspektive auf das Thema des Workshops.

Arbeitspapier UFSP SpuR Nr. 3 (PDF, 5 MB)



Recht und Raum

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014, bis Freitag, 4. April 2014

Workshop mit Alfons Bora, University of Bielefeld, mit Mitgliedern der Forschungsgruppe Interaktionsräume. Erster Teil (3. April, 15:00-18:00): "Rechtsräume", zweiter Teil (4. April, 10:00-12:00): "Institution und Architektur"

Organisiert von Heiko Hausendorf


Maps and Grammar

Friday, 21 March 2014

The workshop provided a platform for exchange between the two projects Maps and Grammar of the Meertens Instituut (Amsterdam) and SynMod of University of Zurich.

Organized by members of the SynMod research project

More information (program and photos)


Lesepräsenz im virtuellen Raum

Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Workshop mit Jörg Bergmann, Universität Bielefeld, mit Mitgliedern der Forschungsgruppe Interaktionsräume des UFSP SpuR.

Organisiert von Heiko Hausendorf