Partitivity Network

Based on research activities and interests of members now organized in the research group "Systems of Nominal Determination in Contact" (SyNoDe), a large international research network on partitivity has been built up in the past years with more than 50 members from 18 countries. Three international workshops took place so far:

  • Mass and Count in Romance and Germanic Languages, Zurich, 16–17 December 2013 (see program)
  • Partitivity in Romance and Beyond, Zurich, 11–13 December 2014 (read more about this workshop here)
  • Partitivity and Language Contact, Zurich, 25–26 November 2016 (find more information about this workshop here)
  • First PARTE workshop on partitivity, "Partitive Determiners and Partitive Case", Venice, 15-16 November 2017 (more information can be found here)
  • Second PARTE workshop, University of Zurich, 25-26 January 2019


Petra Sleeman (University of Amsterdam) obtained a grant by the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) for the project PARTE (PARTitivity in European languages). The application was written with the help of Tabea Ihsane, and the comments and suggestions by different members of the PARTE network, in particular Elisabeth Stark.

Link to project website: PARTE, Partitivity in European Languages