Projects “Areal Morphology”

Ongoing projects funded by the URPP Language and Space

  • The impact of diachronic and diatopic interaction on morphology: a case study from Baltic, Florian Sommer (PhD project)
  • Morphological typology through massive parallel corpora, Tatyana Ruzsics (PhD project)

Ongoing third party funded projects related to the Research Group

  • Acquisition processes in maximally diverse languages: Min(d)ing the ambient language, Sabine Stoll (PI), (ERC consolidator grant, 01.09.2014–31.08.2019)
  • AIS, reloaded, Michele Loporcaro (PI) (SNSF project, 01.10.2016–30.09.2019), co-applicants: Stephan Schmid, Diego Pescarini (SNSF)
  • Corpus-based Study of Post-positive Articles in Torlak, Teodora Vuković (PhD project, Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists)
  • The Diachrony of Agreement Systems: Welsh – Breton – German (and other Germanic languages) / Diachronie von Kongruenzsystemen: Kymrisch – Bretonisch – Deutsch (und weitere germanische Sprachen), Jürg Fleischer (PI), (DFG project, 01.07.2016–30.06.2019), co-PIs: Erich Poppe (Marburg), Paul Widmer (UZH) (UZH’s reseach database, DFG’s research database)
  • (Dis-)entangling traditions on the Central Balkans: Performance and perception (TraCeBa), Barbara Sonnenhauser (PI), (ERA.Net-RUS project, 01.04.2018-31.03.2021), co-PIs: Andrej Sobolev (Marburg), Biljana Sikimić (Belgrade)
  • The Greater Burma Zone – a transitional zone of languages and peoples, Mathias Jenny (PI) (SNSF project 01.03.2014–28.02.2018, UZH’s reseach database, SNSF)
  • Ill-bred sons, friends and relatives: tracing the multiple affiliations of Balkan Slavic, Barbara Sonnenhauser (PI) (SNSF project 01.07.2018 - 30.06.2022)
  • Linguistic morphology in time and space (LiMiTS), Balthasar Bickel (PI), (SNSF Sinergia project, 01.02.2016–31.01.2019), co-applicants: Mathias Jenny, Fernando Zuniga, Wolfgang Behr, Paul Widmer, Michele Loporcaro, Robert Weibel
  • The morphosyntax of agreement in Tuatschin: acquisition and contact, Michele Loporcaro (PI), (SNSF project, 01.06.2016–31.05.2019, SNSF), co-applicants: Sabine Stoll, Giorgio Iemmolo
  • The Zurich database of agreement in Italo-Romance, Michele Loporcaro (PI), (SNSF project, 01.10.2015–30.09.2018, UZH’s research database, SNSF)