Projects “Accommodation and Social Categorization”

Ongoing projects funded by the URPP Language and Space

  • Dialect contact and linguistic accommodation, Hanna Ruch (PI) (Postdoc project)
  • Code-mixing in Tuatschin (Rhaeto-Romance), Claudia Cathomas (PI) (Postdoc project)

Ongoing third party funded projects related to the Research Group

  • The development of verb-initial structures cross-linguistically: insights from Austroasiatic, Mathias Jenny (PI) (SNSF project, 01.02.2018 - 31.01.2021, project website)
  • The morphosyntax of agreement in Tuatschin: acquisition and contact, Michele Loporcaro & Sabine Stoll (PI) (SNSF)
  • What’s up Switzerland? Language, Individuals and Ideologies in mobile messaging, Elisabeth Stark (PI) (What’s up, Switzerland?, SNSF)