Kenan Hochuli

Kenan Hochuli, MA

Doctoral student at the VideoLab

Phone: +41 (0)44 63 44508

Address: Freiestrasse 16, 8032 Zürich

Room number: FRF E 3

Kenan Hochuli joined the URPP Language and Space in November 2014.

PhD project:

Interaction at markets in Istanbul and Zurich: a cross-cultural comparison of physical communication behavior and the utilization of spatial resources

In the course of a cross-cultural comparison of forms of interaction at the market in Istanbul (Great Basar, traditional vegetable market) and Zurich (Kanzlei flea market, different vegetable markets), the physical communication behavior of market visitors and vendors during the creation of interactional spaces shall be the focus of this study. Apart from focusing on the different modes of expression such as posture, gesticulation, or gaze, the analysis also sets the focus on the role of spatial resources: how are the interactants at these particular markets influenced by spatial resources during the creation of interactional spaces? Can specific cultural mannerisms be discerned in the use of body and space? Are there similarities? The theoretic-methodic starting point to answer these questions is formed by multimodal conversation analysis. The challenge of the project lies in the goal of researching seemingly obvious existing differences in physical communication behavior of two different cultures in a precise study. Thereby, different technical methods of analysis such as classical video analysis of interactional sequences, still frames of specific areas of the market, and the use of eyetracker-data of market visitors shall be utilized.

Supervisors: Angelika Linke, Heiko Hausendorf

Funding source: URPP Language and Space