Members of the URPP Language and Space

The University Priority Research Program Language and Space currently encompasses five research groups in which the participating senior and junior researchers are organized: "Accommodation and Social Categorizatin", "Areal Morphology", "Interactional Spaces", "Spatial References", and "Systems of Nominal Determination in Contact (SyNoDe)". Furthermore, the URPP Language and Space hosts the three linguistic laboratories GISLab, CorpusLab and VideoLab. In terms of organization, the URPP Language and Space includes also an executive committee, an internal advisory board, a head office and the external advisors. During the first funding period (2013 until 2016), the URPP has grown steadily. Currently, in the first year of the second funding period (2017 until 2020) there are involved 21 participating professors and more than 20 young scientists as part of the research groups and laboratories in numerous projects on the topic of language and space.